The Agents of SHIELD Project

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To my person on this the day of her birth,

I would congratulate you on the ability to drink legally but you do not live in my backwards country, and have been able to do so for five years already.

I present you with the half naked glory of our lord and savior Fassy.

You are the very best, even when we go for eons without talking, and when I cry to you about pointless things, you are always there and I wouldn’t be here without you.

You deserve the best on your birthday.

Enjoy some Fassy.

The Agents of SHIELD Project

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God doesn’t want you to be happy, he wants you to be strong.

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"So what? When you’re not pioneering the associated student body you’re running a fight club in your fucking garage?"

"I could do almost anything to you"
au: teen fight club x

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chloe bennet and brett dalton being adorable and flawless as usual at the guardians of the galaxy premiere (july 21, 2014)

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